EasyKeeper Farrier Service, LLC​

Hoof Care

You're probably familiar with the old adage 'No hoof, no horse,' because it's true.​ No part of a horse is more susceptible to injury, disease and wear-and-tear than the hoof. Proper and timely hoof care can be the difference between a sound performance horse and a chronically lame horse. Regular visits from a farrier are a crucial component to a long, happy life for your horse.

EasyKeeper offers a full range of farrier services, from basic to therapeutic shoeing and trimming. As a practicing journeyman farrier, John uses sound techniques with proven results. As a member of the Brotherhood of Working Farriers, John keeps abreast of the latest news in hoof care for all ages and breeds of horses, mules and donkeys. He is committed to practices that focus on the well-being of the horse.

serving your horse's dental and hoof needs